Finally, build your brand and grow your biz online with automated systems that you can build yourself in just a few hours!

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Do You Really Think It’s All Just Going To Change One Day; If You Don’t Change What You’re Doing?

I GET IT! Being a Mommy Boss is HARD… Trying to balance being a mom while running a house all while trying to grow a profitable business… let alone date night, exercise, self care and fun?!?!

It IS possible to live the life you dream and run a profitable business… but it takes a system and a proven PLAN in PLACE!

I’ll show you the exact systems, step-by-step plus LIVE SUPPORT with me so that you finally have an ALJTOMATED way to grow your biz and FREE you up for more FUN with the people that you LOVE!

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Get a Look Inside and See What’s Waiting For You!

Lesson 1: Clarify your Brand and Who You Serve

  • Before we begin CREATING your brand, we need to get to know YOU…and the people you want to serve.
  • Gain Clarity and hone in on who your “Dream Clients” are and what they’re looking for so you can better attract them and then serve them!
  • FUN Pinterest Boards and Fill in the Blank Worksheets that guide you step-by-step plus FEEDBACK in our FB Group so you can move forward in confidence.

Lesson 2: Design and Branding on Social Media

  • Learn how to create a branded, eye-catching design that will have your dream clients pressing “like” and “follow” so you can stay in touch with them.
  • Learn how to create templates in the site called, Canva, and use the app so you can create well designed images on the go for your website and social media marketing.
  • It’s not just about design- you’ll also learn how to use your words to express your brands message and “voice” online to better attract and communicate with your dream clients.

Lesson 3: Creating Your Free Offer (Free Gift)

  • Learn what a Free Offer is and why it’s the essential first step to attracting your dream client online and building trust and value in the new relationship.
  • Fill out the “Free Offer” worksheet and templates to learn how you can easily create a value driven “gift” within your niche that attracts your dream clients to you, and keeps them coming back to you for more.

Lesson 4: Email Automation + Free Offer Delivery

  • Learn how to set up a your email automation in Convertkit (or get the templates) so you can set it up in your current email delivery system.
  • Connect your Free Offer to your Email Sequence so that people get automated delivery of your Free Gift to their inbox (even while you’re sleeping!).You will also learn how to create tags and automated sequences while also storing all your leads in one place.

Lesson 5: Landing Page Design + Putting it All Together

  • Gain access to Tiana’s Top Converting Landing Pages, Thank You Pages and Webinar Registrant pages with Plug + Play Templates so you can start to easily attract and convert cold leads into warm prospects.
  • Connect your Free Offer, Email Automation and your Landing pages to create a ONEAND DONE automated machine to attract and convert cold leads into raving fans and paying customers!

Lesson 6: Marketing Your New Automated Lead Machine

  • So you have an automated lead machine…now what? You’ll learn in this lesson how to create a systematized way to market and share your new lead funnel so you can attract and automate those new leads.
  • Learn how to warm up your new leads with weekly emails and social media marketing that will keep your leads asking you for more and wanting to buy from you! You’ll be given step-by-step training on how to keep your new leads from your social media and “funneling” them into your Free Offer Machine for a constant flow of hot new leads that you will be able to turn into paying clients with ease and fun!

PLUS you get all these BONUSES for FREE! (value: $1,500)

By the end of the Mommy Boss Marketing Method Course You Will Have:

  • An Automated Lead Funnel Machine in place to attract and automate your dream clients to you on auto-pilot.
  • A beautiful, branded online presence that is custom made to attract your dream clients in your niche.
  • A clear understanding of your “dream client” and who they are so you can “speak” to them through your daily marketing and guide them to your funnel.
  • A foundation and proven strategy with your revamped brand and free offer funnel completed so you can scale your business without the constant hustle and grind.

Press Play to Hear What Our Students Say…

Over $178,000 in 3 months

Thousands from her first launch!

Systems to Scale in Place!

Automated Biz Systems up in 24 hours!

Have a Question? Contact us at the email below or
check out a few of our most FAQ’s here:

Q: Do I Have to Have a business name or my online presence up yet?
A: No, you do net have to be decided on your business name or even have any online presence set Up.
This course takes you from the very start. Also, though if you do already have an online presence you will still be able
to use this course to narrow in on your brand and niche yourself and bulld your funnels. We’ve seen start apa, network
marketers and established entreprenuers have suceses with this program.

Q: Do I have to have a website or will it integrate with my current website?
A: If you do have a website you can use the links the way I will teach at the end of the program to put your new funnel(s) into your current website. If you don’t have a website, some of the resources and programs I share also share have options to use the new skills I’ll teach and you can make your own.

Q: What if I change my mind or Are there any refunds?
A: We only want you to invest if you are truly committed to doing the work and getting RESULTS with your new automated lead funnels. Due to the digital nature of the content and all the coaching and support that’s provided, we DO NOT offer refunds under any circumstances. This is a high-support program and we don’t have time to work with clients who just want to come in, look around, and not actually do the work. If you’re like us, though, and you’re ready to have a one and
done automated system finally in place… Let’s get you going:)

Hey Fellow Mommy Boss,

I can’t wait to work with you and teach you the exact online marketing systems that have allowed me the luxury of creating a 6-figure business in part-time hours as I juggle being a single mom, having fun, and living in my dream town by the ocean in California! it’s possible for you too!

See you on the inside,

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We only want you to invest if you are truly committed to doing the work and getting RESULTS. Due to the digital nature of the content and all the coaching that’s involved, we DO NOT offer refunds under any circumstances. This is a high-support program and we don’t have time to work with clients who just want to come in, look around, and not actually do the work.